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The Organising Secretary shall submit a report on the HMTC giving details such as break-up of participants (Nationalities, Academic / Research / Industrial Institutions, etc.), number of papers (Session-wise), highlights, drawbacks, suggestions based on his experience in conducting the Conference. These inputs shall be used by ISHMT for preparing reports, and also as guidelines for future HMTCs.The Organising Secretary shall submit a report on the HMTC giving details such as break-up of participants (Nationalities, Academic / Research / Industrial Institutions, etc.), number of papers (Session-wise), highlights, drawbacks, suggestions based on his experience in conducting the Conference. These inputs shall be used by ISHMT for preparing reports, and also as guidelines for future HMTCs.



The registered office and the head quarters of the Society shall be located in the IIT Campus, Chennai 600 036.

As found in the Memorandum.


In this constitution unless the context otherwise requires:

  • The Society means the Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer.
  • The President means the President of the Society.
  • The Vice-President means the Vice-President of the Society.
  • The Secretary means the Secretary of the Society.
  • The Treasurer means the Treasurer of the Society.
  • The joint Secretary means the joint Secretary of the Society.
  • The Council means the Governing Council of the Society constituted as provided in these rules.
  • The Group means the group of members interested in specific branches of heat and mass transfer and heat transfer technology.
  • The Convener means the Convener of the group.
  • The office means the place from where the secretary of the Society functions during his time.
  • The month means the month according to Gregorian calendar.
  • The financial year means the 12 months ending on the 31st date of December.

The Society for the purpose of registration is declared to consist of a unlimited number of members.

  • The membership shall consist of “Ordinary members, Institutional members. Life members and Fellows of the Society”.
  • Any individual, institution, organization or association engaged or interested in teaching/research/application with reference to heat and mass transfer knowledge is eligible for membership.
  • Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the office of the Society.
  • Every application for membership shall be supported by at least two members of the Society.
  • The council reserves the power to refuse admission to any applicant without having to assign any reason for its refusal.

Ordinary Members

Persons over 21 year of age, having a Master’s degree in Science or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology with two years experience in Teaching/Research/Industry.

Life Members

  • Any member contributing a lump sum admission fee as fixed by the General Body from time to time to the fund of the society shall be declared to be a “Life Member of the Society”.
  • A life member shall have the same rights and privileges as an ordinary member.

Institutional Member

  • Institutional members shall be partnership firms, corporations, organizations, institutions etc., who are interested in or connected with the heat and mass transfer industry and whose admission, the council considers, would contribute to the interests of the Society.
  • Every institutional member shall have the right to nominate two representatives to attend business meetings of the society and will be eligible to receive priced or unpriced reports/publications on the same conditions as applicable to the ordinary members. They shall not have the right to vote and participate in the annual general body meetings.
  • Admission fee and annual subscription shall be charged from members whether they are for the time being residing in India or abroad.
  • The admission fee and annual subscription rates for ordinary, life, institutional and foreign members shall be determined from time to time in intervals of not less than five years by the General Body.
  • Members going out of India leave not exceeding three years will be deemed as members in India during the period of their leave.
  • Annual subscription is payable on the 1st January each year irrespective of the date of admission, but members admitted aft 1st July shall be required to pay only half the current subscription and those admitted in the month of December shall pay the full annual subscription which shall cover the 9 period of the following year. In all cases the admission fee must be paid.
  • Termination of Membership
    If any member of the society leaves his/her subscription in arrears for three months and fails to pay such arrears within one month after a written demand by the Secretary his/her name shall be struck off from the register of members and he/her shall thereupon cease to be a member.
    The Council shall have the right to terminate the membership of any member provided a resolution of termination of membership shall be passed by a 2/3 majority of those present at the meeting of the Council.

A member desiring to resign shall send a written communication to the Secretary, who shall report it to the Council which may accept it and announce the resignation provided the dues and other indebtedness of that member have been settled upto the time of mailing of his/her resignation. He/she is then deemed to have resigned “in good standing” and if subsequently the member wishes to join the Society again, no admission fee shall be charged.

  • The officers of the society shall be a President, four vice- Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and a joint Secretary who shall hold office as follows:
  • All officers shall hold office for two years. The term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected and each officer shall hold office until his successor takes over.
  • A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the senior most vice-President until the end of the term. All other vacancies shall be filled by the council.
  • No officer shall receive, directly or indirectly any sales compensation or emoluments from the society, either as such 10 officer or in any other capacity, unless authorized either by the by-laws or by a vote of the majority of the entire council.
  • No revision or amendment of this constitution shall affect the tenure of office of any duly elected and incumbent Officer.
  • Prior to July 1st of each election year, the Council shall appoint a nominating committee of five members, not more than three of whom may be officers or members of the council who shall send to the Secretary prior to the ensuing September 1st its nomination for one or more candidates for each of the offices to be filled, except that for the Vice-Presidency at least 4 persons shall be nominated.
  • In selecting candidates for the Presidency, the members of the nomination committee shall be limited in their choice to persons who have been or are currently members of the council and who have been active in promoting the objectives of the Society.
  • It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to notify each candidate of his selection and any candidate desiring to withdraw his name may do so within one week of such notification.
  • At the Council meeting held prior to October 1st and later than September 1st in each election year, the Council shall appoint three tellers who shall not be members of the Council, and three alternates. Should the Council meeting not be held, the President shall appoint three tellers and alternates, who shall be notified by the Secretary.
  • The actual voting shall take place at the biennial meeting. The voting shall be by secret ballot and be supervised by the tellers or their alternates. They shall be responsible for counting the votes. The tellers or their alternates shall prepare and sign a report of the results of the election, which shall be handed over sealed to the Secretary who shall deliver it to the Presiding Officer of the meeting to be opened by him and 11 reported to the meeting. The Presiding Officer shall then declare the eligible persons receiving the greatest number of votes to be duly elected to the respective offices. The results of the election shall be published as soon as possible thereafter in the Transactions of the Society.
  • The Officers are eligible for reelection.

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